Books – Not Just for Chewing on the Corners Anymore

So when I talk about having fun with books, do most of you just think about chewing on the corners…getting that papers all slimy & slithery & then tearing it into little bits & strewing it all over the living room carpet? Of course you do…especially if you’re a terrier…or a cat…

Well all that is about to change…Distinguished canine author Oz the Terrier has organized an Anipal Book Club. The Club will be reading (or re-reading) “the classics” …for our first book we voted & chose “Pride & Prejudice” by Jane Austen. A number of furriends have signed up for the Club, which will meet on Twitter, as well as through our blogs.

I for one am very excited about this…I’ve never gotten the girl to read to me before, & I think it’s gonna be a great experience. It’s been so cold lately that we haven’t been heading out for our playtimes as often as I’d like. Reading together will be a good way for me and the girl to spend some quality time. Also, Mau Kitteh is in need of education so this is perfect….we will let him lie nearby & listen as long as he behaves.

I know the story of “Pride & Prejudice” since the girl & I have watched just about every version of it ever filmed…at least those versions that we can find on DVD…& I have my opinions (no surprise!) on them.

I give a full two paws up to the 1940 version . Greer Garson is THE PERFECT Elizabeth Bennet, & Sir Laurence Olivier…well let’s just say that in this movie he is almost as handsome as I am.

We are also fond of the 1995 mini-series. While Jennifer Ehle is no Greer Garson, Colin Firth is a pawsome Mr. Darcy. Disappointing was the 2005 version…it just missed the mark for us…& the less said about the 2003 version the better.

Membership is still open…just head over to Oscar’s site to sign up.

Here’s the current schedule:

Book SelectionPride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Reading Schedule: Chapters 1-15 (approx. 120 pages)
Next Blog Post: Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Next Twitter Meeting: Wednesday, January 26, 2011 (times TBD)


All anipals are welcome, so if this sounds like a good way to spend time with your special humans come sign up.

One more thing…thousands of our anipals are in danger from the rising waters in Queensland, Australia. You can read about this terrible situation at The Anipal Times. Please go to the RSPCA Queensland site to help.


About Gizmo

Hi! I'm Gizmo...a handsome terrier-about-town with a distinct point of view. I will write about whatever interesting things come across my desk, appear on my twitter feed @GizmoGeodog, or meet me out on the geotrails. I love to geocache cause it takes me to all the wild places & I can get back to being a real dog. I care about all my brofurs & sisfurs who haven't found their own forever homes yet, & raise funds to help them whenever I can. My girl brought me home from the shelter & together we explore our world. I do my best to make her smile, & she does her best for me. We are a team.
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11 Responses to Books – Not Just for Chewing on the Corners Anymore

  1. Oh Gizmo…GR8 post! I am so excited about the Book Club and I have already read 5 chapters since yesterday. BOL Thanks for spreading the word and for joining in the reading fun!
    xxx Oz

  2. Gizmo says:

    Thanks Oscar! I’m excited too…It’ll be good to compare the book to all those movies I watched

  3. Hi Gizmo. …

    (To the Girl)… Good job. You put the button up just fine. It’s straight and everything.

    Gizmo… super post. HH started reading the book to me last night. I agree. This is gonna be fun. Have a great day.

    Pawhugs, Max

    • Gizmo says:

      *Snoogles* to you Max…and thanks!

      (Da gurl is rather proud of herself right now so I’m not gonna tell her what you said…don’t want her to get too puffed up)

  4. Oskar says:

    We’re in on it too! We can’t wait to read the book. My mom person started last night, but she snoozed off cause she had taken some nightitme medicine. Silly human!

    Nubbin wiggles,

    • Gizmo says:

      *Snoogles* to you Oskar

      Da gurl needs to go to da liberry or da store & get da book already…I tell her she’s very slow cuz I want to get started wit da reaading

  5. We’re in the book club too! Our Mama hasn’t started reading it to us yet. SHe’s such a lazy bones!

  6. Millie Dog says:

    I think you are right books should be for chewing. It’s not easy when Owner reads them on the iBone though!

  7. Remington says:

    We are reading this book too! I love it! It just keeps getting better and better! Have a fun filled weekend!

  8. PuppyNumber7 says:

    Super bloggy, my buddy :o) I know the Book Club will be very popular, too. Keep up the good work, Gizmo *tailwags*

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