My twitter pals know me as @GizmoGeodog, so for my first B&W Sunday I’ve  picked a shot of me geocaching at night.  On the left, over my shoulder, you can see the ammo can (geocache) that we found.nightcaching

Today we’re joining the Black & White Sunday Blog Hop hosted by My Life in Blog Years, You Did What With Your Weiner and Dachshund Nola. Hop over to see all the photos and add your own!

b&w sunday


On another note, our furriends over at Talking Dogs Blog brought to our attention that today is National Mutt Day . Yippe! A day for furriends of “mixed parentage” just like me. You should check it out.



About Gizmo

Hi! I'm Gizmo...a handsome terrier-about-town with a distinct point of view. I will write about whatever interesting things come across my desk, appear on my twitter feed @GizmoGeodog, or meet me out on the geotrails. I love to geocache cause it takes me to all the wild places & I can get back to being a real dog. I care about all my brofurs & sisfurs who haven't found their own forever homes yet, & raise funds to help them whenever I can. My girl brought me home from the shelter & together we explore our world. I do my best to make her smile, & she does her best for me. We are a team.
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  1. Hey Giz, Jet here. Hi Miss JG.
    Mom won’t let me join twitter yet, so, looks like we have some learning to do… geocaching???

    • Gizmo says:

      Hiya Jetty & Lori! JG will be happy to help you out wif da twitter if you want…send us a pawmail and we can get you all set up…Twitter is a lot of fun….Geocaching is our hobby & you can read all about it here http://www.geocaching.com … JG & I have been geocaching all over Florida and have had lots of adventures

  2. We have always thought geocaching looked fun and interesting. How awesome to do it at night,.

    • Gizmo says:

      Hiya Roxy…JG and i have met many traveling geocachers…There’s lots of folks who live in RV’s part or year round who geocache everywhere they go…They find it a great way to meet new folks and we see lots of them down here in Florida during the winter…Let us know if you give it a try

  3. Loy says:

    Hey Gizmo! So what was in the box??? Maybe a nice doggie treat? Happy Mutt Day! LOL

    • Gizmo says:

      Hiya Loy! No, no treats in geocaches 😦 they stay out in the woods and treats would attract bears & stuff (OMD!) But I like geocaching a lot cause we get to go hiking on great trails…This picture was in Ocala National Forest

  4. Woof! Woof! I (mom ) have to relearn twitter. We have neglected out account sugarthegoldenr. Happy Black n White SUNDAY. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. Oskar says:

    My mom person really wants to try geo-caching. It sounds like fun.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  6. We have never done that before – looks fun ;0

  7. Geo-caching looks like fun! Woofs from Jeffie and Rudy (and special woofs from Jeffie, the mutt, for sharing National Mutt Day!)

  8. cbandkona says:

    Looks like you had a super fun time. So what do you find in the geo-caches? Hopefully Gizmo size cookies.

    • Gizmo says:

      Cookies would attract critters so no cookies, but I have gotten toys and a dog bowl…and lots of good fun! Mom brings the cookies along for me.

  9. Geocaching? Now that is one way to get active with your dog I hadn’t thought of! Cool.

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