Gizmo here and today I want to talk about a few things that perplex me…

My furriend’s mom gave me a package of treats the other day and I was excited cause I love jerky treats. This is a photo of the obverse (*VBP*) of the package. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

When we got home Momz opened the package to give me one and then she stopped. “Yo Momz, give me my treat” I said but Momz was busy reading the back of the package.


Not a great picture I know, but can you read what it says? “Made in China”!  Being concerned pet people I’m sure you’ve all heard of the severe health problems associated with dog treats made in China. Momz did some research and found this list of products that had been recalled and these Duck Jerky treats are not on the list…but still Momz hesitated…there I was eagerly awaiting my piece of duck jerky…I could smell it…but no she didn’t give one. She got my treat jar from the fridge and gave me a couple of my USA made salmon treats instead. Last I saw that duck jerky was headed for the big green trash bin outside.

Now here’s what I’m wondering today…why would the AKC endorse a treat for dogs that could possibly harm them? The back of the package states that “AKC, American Kennel Club and the trademark, logos and designs are trademarks of The American Kennel Club, Inc. Used with permission.” Why? Is the AKC so hard up for funds that they’re willing to possibly endanger the health of the very population they exist to serve? Terrierman has been following the issue of declining AKC registrations for a while now…here in 2010…and as far back as 2008. Already under attack, is this just one more example of the AKC’s increasing irrelevance? Amazon users have been vocal in their comments on these products, but so far they’re still being sold. Momz and I don’t have answers and would love to hear from anyone out there involved in the conformation world with an opinion on this.

Another thing I’ve been thinking about lately is a new online service called  “City Dog Share”. Momz came across this article and when we read it we were disturbed by these statements:

“It allows dog-shoppers to try a pet on for size without the burden of commitment, by giving them a chance to spend quality time with other peoples’ pooches. The Facebook-based service also fills schnauzer-shaped gaps in the lives of humans whose apartments or schedules prohibit full-time furry friends.

And supporters also believe City Dog Share can help shelters and rescue groups find homes for abandoned animals by giving prospective puppy parents the comfort of a free backup care plan if they fear the responsibility that comes with any animal.”

Is this a good thing? I think not…One of the current users of the service had this to say: “In a nation where social media aficionados share homes, cars and futures with total strangers encountered online, why shouldn’t they swap dogs that way too?” What! A dog is a living, breathing, loving companion and not a 2 ton hunk of metal. A dog will be making a commitment to you to share you life and love you unconditionally…if you can’t make that commitment in return then maybe you should adopt a pet rock instead. Again, I’d love to hear opinions on this.

Finally, me Gizmo needs some help from my furriends…Momz got me a new puzzle toy yesterday.

dog flapper toy

She loaded it up with my favorite smelly salmon treats and placed it in front of me. I sniffed at it a while then walked away. It’s sitting on the living room floor and I’m doing my best to ignore it. She has lifted the flaps and showed me the treats and let me sniff them, then she puts them back in the puzzle thing. I don’t get it…I am completely befuddled (*VBP*) What am I supposed to do with this? It doesn’t squeak and I can’t tear it up like a stuffie. Why can’t I just have my treats? If any on you can help me figure this out that’d be great. I want my treats but don’t know how to get them.

Here’s today’s 30/30 Challenge Ticker:

We’re going to join four blog hops today.

First, we’re hopping over to Savannah’s Paw Tracks to join Savannah, Texas and our pal Jetty for their cool new Vocabulary Building Project blog hop.


And we’re joining Snoopy at Snoopy’s Dog Blog for the Monday Mischief hop cause I’m calling mischief on the AKC, the whole idea of “dog sharing” and my puzzle toy.



We have to join Mutt Monday over on All Things Dog cause we mutts need to represent!


Finally, we’re joing Lulu at Life With Beagle for her brand new Florida Bloggers blog hop, cause after all I’m a Florida dawg!


Happy Monday Efurryone…Gizmo Out!


About Gizmo

Hi! I'm Gizmo...a handsome terrier-about-town with a distinct point of view. I will write about whatever interesting things come across my desk, appear on my twitter feed @GizmoGeodog, or meet me out on the geotrails. I love to geocache cause it takes me to all the wild places & I can get back to being a real dog. I care about all my brofurs & sisfurs who haven't found their own forever homes yet, & raise funds to help them whenever I can. My girl brought me home from the shelter & together we explore our world. I do my best to make her smile, & she does her best for me. We are a team.
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  1. Hey Gizmo, too bad about the treats. And we agree about the endorsement. And the trying on a pet for size thing, not a great idea I don’t think.

    • Gizmo says:

      Hey Roxy glad to know it’s not just me…I’ve not been a fan of the AKC for a long time but this really surprised me…kind of sinking to a new low…trying out pets through Fb is just wrong on so many levels…do you get a new dog each weekend to match your outfit or what?

  2. Hey Gizmo, thank goodness your mum read the packaging before giving you those treats!
    I don’t like the sound of dog sharing at all. It would be like child sharing!! Its not sending the right message to potential owners. And I suspect it could be unsettling on the dogs too.

    • Gizmo says:

      Hi Misaki…Yes, Momz is pretty careful with what treats I get, what with all the horrible stories in the news all the time…And you mention something I forgot to say, which is how does it affect the dogs to be shipped around to new places … it has to be stressing them out and is so unfaiur…How can someone determine the dog’s temperament if the dog is always in new surroundings with nothing familiar

  3. The CDS says its a dog sitting co-op. isn’t that like a group of people getting together to help each other dog sit? A bit confused. Anyway, there are shelters here that let potential adopters “try the dogs out”. I don’t think it’s such a bad idea as some people might think they want a dog then find they don’t really and just dump it. A “trial period”, so to speak, whether from a pound or from a “friend” might encourage more people to try and, if they enjoy it, to adopt one of their own. You think? Maybe I’m just confusing issues. It’s 2.15am here and I’m buggered.

    Sorry Gizmo, can’t help with the treat toy. Georgia very boringly gets to eat hers as is 😉

    • Gizmo says:

      The concept of exchanging “dog sitting” services is not a bad idea in and of itself, and that part didn’t concern me…It was the other statements about “borrowing” a dog cause you were too busy to have one of your own…That just galls meI can see your point about giving folks a chance to see if a dog would fit into their home, and if it was being run by a reputable rescue/shelter that was checking out the home first and would ensure the dog’s safety and welfare it should be ok…but this plan is too wide open for my taste…how do you know who exactly it is that’s going to be watching your dog? how do you know your dog will be returned and not sold? Maybe I worry too much, but I see all sorts of pitfalls here…and what are you doing reading blogs at 2;15 am? BOL! Go to bed 😀

      • I would like to but I’m waiting for my dog to chuck up some more. See what a potential dog owner might gain from an experience like this? BOL!

      • Gizmo says:

        OMD! Yep that’s a sure winner…try out a dog who gacks all weekend…that’s the one i want BOL! Hope Georgia is feeling better now…did she eat something funky from outside?

  4. Hiya Gizmo!
    Thanks for your pawticipation in our blog hop =^.^=
    Great words!

  5. AKC is pimping their logo for bucks and they don’t care one whit if dogs get sick as long as they make money. I is an irrelevant powerless organization that has refused for decades to step up and help the battle to eliminate puppy mills. As for trading dogs like “share cars and houses”…a heinous concept!! Dogs and cats are ALIVE, BREATHE, CARE, LOVE…FB should be boycotted by all anipals! I will investigate this FB site and Tweet about it. Thanks Gizmo for joining our VBP hop, purrfect post for it today. Paw pats, Savannah

    • Gizmo says:

      From what I read, the AKC is diminishing whatever “brand value” they once had and by endorsing possibly dangerous products they’re not doing themselves any favors..Definitely let me know what you think about dog-trading after you check it out some more

  6. catchatcaren says:

    Gizmo I reviewed that toy a week or so ago and have a video on the blog about it…..go check it out. It will show you how to use it 🙂
    I figured it out in less than 30 seconds 🙂
    As for the AKC endorsing dangerous treats…shame on them!
    Barks and licks and love Dakota

    • Gizmo says:

      Hi Karen…went back and found that toy review mid-December, and yes I do remember reading it then doh! Gizmo seems to be a bit afraid of the noise the flappers make when they close…I’ve loaded it up with some really high value treats (BACON!) and have spent some time with him on it…He has opened it once so far, and is showing more interest…I think it’s going to be a learning curve here…thanks for remninding me of your video.

  7. Ok, I may have meowed too loud too soon. Just visited the FB page of CDS, may be mostly sharing dog sitting. I saw my OWN FORMER SHELTER is working with this group. Not sure how, will learn more today Sorry I popped off too soon, paw pats, Savannah

    • Gizmo says:

      No, that’s OK…Since it’s on the other side of the country I have no knowledge of any shelters that may be working with the site, and if your shelter is then I have to think they’ve investigated the concept and those running it and are putting in appropriate checks before they allow any of their pets to be “shared”. I would also think that anyone signing up for the shared dog sitting exchange would thoroughly investigate who would be watching their dog, and be fully informed about the dog they would be watching in trade.What really bothers me is that statement likening a dog to a car…that just chaps my hide. Do let me know what you learn after you speak with the shelter. I’d love to hear their comments, and how the program has worked out for them.

  8. Hey Gizmo we don’t want treats from China either. That is not a puzzle toy you have there it is an instrument of torture. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

    • Gizmo says:

      Oh Molly you’re so right…those yellow flappy things come snapping down…but there are some really nommy treats in there now (BACON!) so I’m going to think about it for a while Happy Monday *snoogles* to you

  9. Everytime if my mom reads the backside of food or treats she gots a goose bump. for exampel: canned dog food (we don’t use it) “lamb&chicken by M. Inc. ,there are 42% meat and “meatlike by-products” <–what? and the rest is?, contains 4% lamb, 4% chicken – I'm not Mr. Mathematics, but how could it be?Mom said it's better to buy a weenie for me at the butchers, no, that's also not healthy but it hasn't a list of ingredients on the backside. For the dog sharing I agree with you – dogs aren't accessories like bags or shoes which you can share with eveyone. That's weird!I've got such a puzzle toy too 2 years ago, I solved this thingy once and at this moment I ignored it completely :o)
    That was a brilliant VBP-post, Gizmo ;o)

    • Gizmo says:

      I know Easy, Momz is the same way…she studies those bags and boxes really hard to see what kind of yuck they put in that’s not really food stuffs for dawgs…if she can’t pronounce it she won’t buy it 🙂 and “meatlike”??? WTF??? Mom sez it reminds her of an old Wendy’s TV ad where they told the customer who asked about the chicken that “parts is parts”

      I’m reading here that there could be some benefits to this program, but so far I’m not convinced…You said it – I am a dawg, not an accessory that can be changed out to match your hairdo.

      I’m still not into my puzzle…Now pal you and me are two of the smartest dawgs i know and if we’re not interested then it’s the puzzle, not us BOL!

  10. Hey, G-man! Hi MIss Beth.
    First, so glad to hear you love salmon treats because I do too! It’s just another thing we have in common and I cannot wait until February so we can talk all about them in pawson!

    Next, I used to like those puzzle toys that give out treats but no more. Maybe it’s my age…I just don’t have the extra oompf to work for my food. BOL

    And gosh, I have to go read through those links about the AKC and the pet-sharing (??)…I am on the fence until I can read and know more.
    Happy Monday, pal!

    • Gizmo says:

      Hey Oz…Terriers of good taste and distinction, that’s us pal…Salmon treats really are my favorite (except for the ones Momz makes of course…see I didn’t forget Momz) This is my first puzzle toy and I’m starting to figure it out, but I have to stop worrying about hose yellow flappers (not that I really know what “yellow” is or anything 😉 ) Let me know what you and your mom think after you read through the links…I’d be interested to hear

  11. Woof! Woof! Yes too bad for the AKC … You are having FUN with your hops today. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    • Gizmo says:

      I know Sugar…we’re hopping around like a toad on a hot stove today…Monday sure has become a busy day around Blogville 🙂 and as far as the AKC goes, I think if you’re a real breeder (and not a “puppy factory”) there’s some value to registration and showing in conformation…but for the rest of us it’s really unnecessary and nugatory (*VBP*) (had to throw in one more word for good measure BOL!

  12. FleaByte says:

    That’s so very sad. This is why my dogs only get Jones Natural Chews treats.

    Obverse is really a word? I’m going to look it up …

    • Gizmo says:

      Yes, obverse is a word and it means exactly the opposite of what I’d thought…I thought it meant the back BOL! And for sure, sticking with American-made natural treats is totally the best way to go

  13. veryvizsla says:

    My absolute, all time favorite the the HSUS pimping their all vegetable dog food! After the 2008 melamine scandal I do not consume food products from China and neither do the dogs.

    • Gizmo says:

      I know…their “healthy” dog food, packed with yummy soy protein and made in Uruguay (which struck me as strange since it’s a major beef producer)…what a joke that was…No we do not eat foodstuffs produced in China in this house either…When I order products online or shop in a store I always read labels…it was sad that something given with good intention had to end up in the trash, but no way would I risk Gizmo’s health, no matter how much he likes jerky

  14. Humans and pets have to be careful and look at ingredients! Thanks for keeping us informed!


    • Gizmo says:

      Yes we do…strangely, or maybe not, I find that I am more vigilant with choices for Gizmo than I am for myself…I’m more likely to grab a convenience product off the shelf for my dinner if i’m in a hurry, but will always make the time to drive to the specialty pet boutique where I purchase Gizmo’s food when it looks like there’s only 4 or 5 days of meals left for him

  15. Zena says:

    Made with real duck – yeah – the bills!

  16. maxwellnfaraday says:

    Wha-a-a-a-a??!?!??!?! We’re completely disgusted by the AKC’s obvious sellout. And the dog swap? Disgusting. Pawesome VBP though – obverse! Eeeeexcellent choice!!

    • Gizmo says:

      It would be great if the breeders and exhibitors whose fees support the organization got together in protest of this shoddy and shameful money grab…Glad you like my word…it really does mean the opposite of what i’d thought it meant so this was a true vocabulary builder for me

  17. Jodi says:

    I have to agree with you, both on the treat AND the share a pet topics. First, I can’t believe treat manufacturers haven’t willingly recalled treats made in China, I will no longer buy ANYTHING made in China, I even went so far as to spend far too much money on a pair of sneakers that were made in the US. Today I went shopping and found a cute pair of slippers that were on clearance for $2.80, there was an additional 25% off at the register and I had a 30% off coupon which would have put the slippers at $1.47 and I looked at the tag and they were made in China. I wouldn’t take them if they GAVE them to me.

    As for the rent-a-pet, I’ve find this totally appalling. Almost every rescue I’ve ever heard of will allow you a foster to adopt, if you’re that unsure about a pet and everything that goes along with it, go with this option. They are living, breathing, FEELING beings and deserve to be treated as such!!

    • Gizmo says:

      Walking away from the bargain shows commitment…I try to be vigilant in all areas, but it’s hard…I too spent way too much for a pair of running shoes that i thought were manufactured in the US…Turns out that they are ‘designed’ in the US but manufactured in southern China…and the company website does quite a lot of spin and damage control on that…though i do like the shoes, i doubt that i’d buy them again, knowing this…i’ve been reading the comments today providing some “other side of the story” viewpoints, and have considered them, but overall i still think it’s a bad idea

  18. Ann Paws says:

    I think it’s kind of funny that the AMERICAN Kennel Club is selling treats made in China… really? Especially right now, it’s probably not looking good for them. I agree they are becoming pretty irrelevant these days. I have heard of this dog sharing thing before and found it to be a little interesting. I see both sides of the story on that one. It reminds me of therapy dogs in a way. Wouldn’t it be nice to “rent” a dog to take for a nice relaxing walk and a picnic? That sounds a little too simple though. I for one would never rent my dog out so that’s where I have to agree with you. I’m sure it can be confusing for the dogs too. I think their idea has too many flaws in it.

    • Gizmo says:

      Since they have licensed their name and logo, but are not the manufacturer the AKC can’t recall the product but they could certainly do the right thing and issue a public apology of some sort for having made an error in judgment…might at least help them save some face in the pet community…i’d like to think that “share a dog” had some benefit, but it’s only one-sided as far as i can tell…humans might benefit but i see no upside for the dogs

  19. Jessica says:

    We went through obedience class with a couple of neighbors who were “sharing” a dog. But it was more of a real thing–one of them got a puppy and then developed a lot of health issues. (Cancer, from what I could guess.) The other one, a lifelong dog-person who was between pets, stepped in to take on some of the work. *That’s* how you share a dog.

    • Gizmo says:

      That’s a real life situation between neighbors who were helping each other with a problem…bravo for them for finding a solution that did not involve having to give up the dog.

  20. Love your new puzzle Gizmo! How fun!

    Not a fan of the dog swapping thing and surprised about the AKC treats. We don;t eat anything made from China, it’s not worth the risk!

    • Gizmo says:

      Giz has finally gotten into it…Took a couple of days but he’s started to figure it out and is going over to it on his own now and checking to see if i’ve “reloaded” it for him…if he gets any smarter at it he’s gonna gain wait and there goes that slim waist we bragged about BOL!

      Agreed and agreed about both dog swapping and china…I won’t buy any food products for me either anymore if it’s made there

  21. Shiva & Jaya says:

    This is sumfin we should discuss during #pmquestiontime we has upcomings Feb. 1.

    That Catmeron does it every week and that’s such a waste of tax payers’ money! We Purrime Ministerettes do it for anipalkind and it’s…free! We now have 4 or 5 questions, but need more. Also about da China. And weird noms and so on! XXXX

  22. Pingback: Name for a dog that means benevolence?

  23. Dexter says:

    I am not a fan of those puzzle food toys. So much work for what is rightfully mine.

    My momma throws out my presents sometimes too. She thanks the giver, but she is a total freak about me getting bad treats or a chew that isn’t right for my jaws of doom.

    I’ll bet the AKC endorsed those yummers before they started putting the bad chicken feet in there, but they should smarten up. Send them a letter.


    • Gizmo says:

      Gizmo stared at that toy all day yesterday and finally, last evening, he started nosing and pawing at it and started lifting the flappers for treats…he still hasn’t figured how to rotate the game board to get to the hidden chambers…we’ll see how he does today.

      I’m sure the PTB at the AKC have heard all about the problems with Chinese-made treats…they just haven’t yet stepped up to do the right thing…Their time-tested arrogance makes me think they never will

  24. Bella says:

    Gizmo … just do what I do with the puzzle toys … take them to the top of the stairs and ‘drop’ … it’s by paw the easiest way to get them out. The human says I’m a cheat, but it’s a ‘brain’ game right ?

  25. AKC has been marketing toys and treats made in China for years – this is nothing new — they lost my respect many years ago over their position on the original PAWS bill — but that’s another issue altogether…. and as far as ‘dog swapping’ — maybe they theink it’s a new word for ‘FOSTER CARE’ ? only on a more temporary basis — which I agree doesn’t set well with me for several reasons – one — most ‘foster’ dogs need a stabile environment ( unllike a boarding kennel, shelter, or ‘stray’ on the street offers ); the majority of dogs in shelters were surrendered by the owner, not picked up ‘stray’. Moving them from pillar to post isn’t doing them any favors — they need consistency in training, socialization, diet, and playing ‘musical dogs’ just isn’t the way to achieve that.

    • Gizmo says:

      I know the AKC has been at it for a while, but this was the first time I’d actually had the product here to look at it…And I agree with you about the need for consistency in environment for dogs in rescue, which is why the idea of using “dog sharing’ didn’t sit well with me as a viable option for replacing traditional foster programs

  26. Disappointing about the AKC treats. And dog sharing just sounds disgusting. Says something about our society, huh?

    Thanks for taking part in the Florida Blogger Blog Hop. I hope you come back next week. Hopefully we’ll get more bloggers involved.

    Christie from


  28. Unbelievable on both: the made in China treats and the City dog share. What’s next, a City baby share? I have no words for this kind of organisations, maybe they’re made in China too.. 😀

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