If you ever wondered how this scruffy little terrier guy came to live with his Momz and become a geodog with a blog, here’s Gizmo’s story in his own words…

I had started out wit a mommy & brofurs & sisfurs. Dere were hoomins dat called me Lance & gave me food but no pats. One day when I wuz 3 months old dey put me in a bigloudmachine & brought me to dis scary place where I got locked up.

I was a very scared little guy in a very big cage at sumthing da other dogs called a shelter. Lots of other dogs had come & gone…dey just left & I never saw dem again. Dere was another dog in da cage with me…he was much bigger & I was scared of him so I just stayed in da back corner by myself. Da cage was wet & cold & I got wet & cold & was shivering & shaking & didn’t know why I was dere or wot was gonna happen to me.

I don’t know how long I was dere but no one paid me any attention until one day a girl hoomin came along looking into all da cages. Lots of hoomins had come by before but none of dem ever stopped to look at me…mebbe dey couldn’t see me way in da back. Dis one was different…she stopped & looked at me…I wanted to go see her but I was too scared of da big dog to move near da front so I stayed where I was & she moved on…

But then something happened…she came back! She got down low & watched me quietly fur a while…then she called to me, softly…”here little pup…come here & see me”. I wanted to go closer but scared as I was I stayed where I was just watching her. She walked away again, then came back wif one of da “key people” Dey unlocked da big cage & da girl hoomin came in & put a leash around me, picked me up & took me out of da cage. We went to a quiet place where we sat alone & she talked to me in a low voice. After a while I got brave & started sniffing her hands, then, feeling really brave, I licked her face…

That must have been da right thing to do cuz she got real happy, picked me up & danced around wif me. Den we went inside to an office & talked to another hoomin who did sum stuff while I, so happy to be out of the cage, danced around on da desk…dis made my girl hoomin even more happy & she laughed a lot…

Next da girl hoomin took me outside & put me in another bigloudmachine…dis was scary too cuz I was afraid I was gonna get left at another shelter place…but no! Dis girl hoomin brought me to a warm safe house. She put down some food stuff & water, den left me to explore quietly on my own. Every so often she would get down low wif me & pat me & rub me & talk to me…soon I started to relax. ..

Dat was da very beginning of my life wif momz…Since then we have made many furriends & gone many places together & I haz become a geodog too and had many adventures…and dat’s da story of how I became a very lucky dawg

Dis iz a pickshure of me on da very day dat I came home frum da shelter…I look much happier than now…


4 Responses to MY STORY

  1. I am so happy you found your momz! Woooohooooowooooooo! Ku

    • Gizmo says:

      Thank you Ku! Sometimes we dawgs have bad starts but end up in just the right places with the people who love us furever

  2. Lovely to meet you Gizmo.
    I’ve found a new home too – only a few weeks ago, after being on the street.

  3. Paula says:

    what a touching story! i am glad u found your momz and no more bigloudmachines that take you to bad places. 🙂

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