Gizmo here… I want to thank Jodi of Heart Like a Dog for inviting  me to co-host this week’s Follow-Up Friday Blog Hop, the blog hop that lets you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend…It’s great to be invited back as a co-host by a blogger I respect and follow. Jodi’s posts are thoughtful and provoke great discussions. Her post “Speeding is Against the Law” is one of my all-time favorites. If you haven’t yet, make sure and check her out today.


First, as an update on Momz’ Pet Blogger Challenge Post, one of her wishes is coming true. She’s purchased me my own domain name, and with the help of her WordPress Guru she’s taking my blog self-hosted. She’s meeting with the Guru on Monday morning, so cross your fingers for us that it all goes smoothly. If we seem to be MIA for a day or two don’t worry, we’ll be right back.

On Monday I ranted about treats made in China that are endorsed by the AKC and a program called “dog-sharing”. I also asked for help in figuring out my new puzzle toy. We all seem to agree that the AKC deserves a huge “thumbs down”, but there were some interesting points brought out on “dog-sharing”. While I saw that it might have some positive uses, overall my opinion remains that it’s a bad idea for the dogs. We dogs thrive on stability and consistency and “dog-sharing” provides neither. I did get some help from Dakota of Dakota’s Den who pointed me towards a video he’d done showing how to play with my toy. Momz and I watched it a few times, then I got to work and by the next night I’d mastered that toy (and maybe ate just a few too many treats Winking smile ).  Thanks Dakota!

Tuesday Momz shared her newest S.O.M.P. recipe for Veggie Brownies made from the pulp left over after she juices. Momz loves making “something from nothing” and coming up with the unexpected and this recipe is a prime example. I wasn’t sure at first, but now I love them. Your comments were split…those who already liked veggies said it sounds great and they hope they get to try some soon. Those who won’t eat veggies thought this was a cool/sneaky way of getting you dogs to eat some veggies.

Wednesday’s video of the Gulf Fritillary butterfly building his cocoon was a hit. Like us, you all were amazed to see the process in action. Here’s three caterpillars that will become Monarch butterflies. They’re chowing down on the Asclepias (*VBP*) plants by our front steps. Momz grows them special for the Monarchs. Asclepias is both their host plant and their food plant. The Monarch lays its eggs on the stem of the asclepias, and when they hatch, the caterpillars eat the leaves of the plant.




Thursday was my long-promised Introduction to Geocaching. I packed a lot of material into that post, and I hope I didn’t confuse anyone. Geocaching is a sport for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, loves hiking with their dogs and has fun solving puzzles. Momz and here as your geocaching gurus, so if you’re interested in giving it a try and have questions, please ask and we’ll get you going. We’ve got interviews with geocaching dogs coming up over the next few months ranging from folks just starting out who have found one cache, to geodogs who have been at it for years and have visited many thousands of caches.

I need to catch up on my Thank You’s today.

I’ve received two coveted ascriptions (*VBP*) for the Leibster Award. These come from my great pal The Kirbster of Kirby’s Dawg Blog and a pair of the greatest comedians in Blogville, Mollie & Alfie.  The rules for this one include answering a lot of fun questions, and since nothing much has changed for me recently, you can read all my answers here.


My lovely new furriend, the exceedingly cute Vanilla Bean from Twinkle with the feisty furballs has awarded me the wonderful Reality Blog Award. There’s questions for this one too, and my answers are here.

I choose today to pass these awards on to all my blogging pals. I love each and every one of you and just don’t want to choose, so know that I think you’re all “Keepin’  It Real” and that I’m here to “Share the Love”. These are posted on my Awards Page so just grab the award logo and display it proudly as a gift from your pal Gizmo Geodog.

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Geocaching is my addiction. Since June, 2005 I’ve logged almost 9800 finds, travelled many thousands of miles, hiked and kayaked for hours. I’ve climbed trees and crawled into a drainage pipe. We geocachers are a crazy bunch, willing to do almost anything just to put our tag on a small piece of paper tucked into a container hidden by a fellow addict. 

When I began caching it was with my dog Bruno, so my geocaching “handle” is “JerseyGirl&Bruno”. 


When Gizmo came into my life he became a geodog from the start, and he even has his own handle “LittleGizmo”.


GPS operates through the use of 24 satellites, paid for by the U.S. government but free for the world to use, that are orbiting the earth. Originally this satellite navigation system was intended for military use and therefore the signals were scrambled. On May 1, 2000, President Bill Clinton announced that this scrambling, known as Selective Availability (SA), would be turned off at midnight. Geocaching began on May3, 2000 when Dave Ulmer hid a container in the woods and posted the coordinates online. That container was found within a day and geocaching was born. There’s a slogan all geocachers know: “I Use Multi-Million Dollar Satellites to Find Tupperware in the Woods.”

The primary listing service for geocaches around the world is Today there are over 5 million geocachers worldwide and over 1,675,269 active geocaches to hunt. There are extreme geocaches, or “caches” hidden at the tops of mountain peaks and under the sea. There are “urban caches” hidden at convenient locations in nearly every city and town, and there’s even a cache on the International Space Station.

The website is free to use, though for a nominal annual membership fee geocachers get some special benefits that become useful if you continue in the sport. Anyone can go to the site, enter their zip code and see all the caches that are close to home. I bet that every one of you drives past a dozen or more every day and never know they’re there.

Over the last few years geocaching has become a great vacation activity. Cachers will plan their vacations around areas that are rich with hidden geocaches. For example, I live near Disneyworld in Florida and my small town sees hundreds of visiting cachers each year, many from outside the United States, who drive over to cache after “theme park burnout”.

So how exactly do you find a geocache? First you visit the website and sign up for your free membership, then visit the Hide & Seek a Cache page, where you’ll enter your address or zip code, select the distance from home you want to go,  and click “search”. Here’s a screenshot of what the list looks like when I do a search for caches within a one mile radius of my home address:

hide and seek

Pick a cache from the list you see and click on the name.  Let’s choose Anchor’s Aweigh and see what we find. Every cache is identified by what is called a “GC Number”. You can see above that the GC number for “Anchors Aweigh” is GCMC3M. That’s the number you’ll use to locate the cache after you’ve found it and you’re ready to post your log, so make a note of it.anchor

The numbers in bold, N 28° 01.679 W 081° 56.913  are the GPS coordinates for the location of the cache. You enter those numbers into your GPS and you’re ready to go cache hunting! The rest of the cache page gives you more information on the cache and possibly even a clue.  Caches are rated for Difficulty and Terrain on a 5 Star scale, with 1 being easiest and 5 being pretty darn hard. Cache size can be anywhere from a ‘micro’ that’s smaller than your pinky fingernail to ‘large’ … and I’ve seen some really large hides, like a giant boat cooler in the woods in North Carolina.

So the coords (geocacher-speak for coordinates)  are loaded into your GPS…now what? Before you leave home you can read through the “logs” posted on the cache page by those who have visited the cache before you. (More about logs in a minute) You probably want to print out the cache page so you have the information with you. Always (and I mean always) check to see that you have a pen or pencil with you (yes, I’ve forgotten mine and had to use the “charcoal the end of a stick” method to get a writing implement). Drive yourself to the cache location, get out your GPS and start following it towards the treasure.

Geocacher University is one of my favorite geocaching resources. There’s a lot of great material there, including an excellent guide on how to find your first cache. They explain the hunt far better than I could, so do go and check it out for a detailed guide. They even have a “cheat sheet” you can print and use to enter information about the cache you’re hunting and some useful tips and tricks

Inside the cache you’ll find, at the minimum, a log. Sign the log with the date and your geocaching handle as proof that you made the find, then close up the cache and carefully replace it right back where you found it. If the cache was camouflaged  or covered, replace the camouflage as carefully as possible. There you go…you’ve found your first geocache!

The final step is to record your find online by visiting the website again and logging in to your account. At the top of the home page you’ll see a row of options. Select “Play” and from the drop-down menu select the option for “Hide & Seek a Cache”. Scroll down the left-hand “Seek a Cache” column to the box for “Other Search Options” and enter either the name of the cache you found or the GC number of that cache.  Hit “go” to open the cache page and at the top of the right hand side-bar under “Navigation” click on the link for “Log Your Visit”.  Head back over to the Geocacher University tutorial for a great discussion on how to log your find.

I hope I haven’t made this too complicated. it’s really easier to do it than to explain it Smile  I recommend visiting the homepage where you’ll find a link to their Guide to the Game, as well as a link to their “Geocaching in 2 Minutes” video.

I’ll be posting more about geocaching in the coming weeks, including interviews with geocaching canines from around the world. If you have any questions at all about any aspect of the sport please leave them in the comments and I’ll be sure and answer them all. And if you do go out and hunt a cache please tell me all about your experience.

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BUTTERFLY BIRTHDAY– Mostly Wordless Wednesday

My friend Beth has turned her yard into a butterfly sanctuary. Recently we were able to observe something so unique in our experience that I have to share it with you all.

This is the caterpillar of the Gulf Fritillary butterfly…


This is one that’s decided to build his cocoon on the underside of Beth’s barbecue grill…


We were lucky enough to catch him as he wove his magic…the action really gets going at about two minutes in…

Gulf Fritillary 1/14/13

He’s still there and we’ve noticed that his position changes at various times during the day…he goes from curled in a “J” facing one way, to being extended straight out, then curling in a “J” in the opposite direction…Beth has researched this but so far hasn’t found an explanation…if anyone is a butterfly person and knows why this happens, please share the answer here.

Once he’s hatched, this is what he’ll look like…


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Gizmo here and it’s time for another installment of Momz Seat of My Pants recipes. This time she’s really outdone herself…

Two things have happened around here recently that led to today’s recipe. First, a small local-sourced produce stand opened up outside one of our favorite stores, and second, a friend gave Momz a juicer. Momz has been visiting the stand regularly to load up on fresh veggies and last week she found something  quite unique there…


When asked, the stand owner advised here that this was a Strawberry Onion, and it’s Florida’s version of Georgia’s famed Vidalia…super sweet and it doesn’t make your eyes water when you peel it. Strawberry Onions are grown around the strawberry fields in nearby Plant City, the Strawberry Capital and host to the annual Florida Strawberry Festival. Of course she had to try these and, though I can’t vouch for this (onions being bad for dawgs and all) Momz says it’s a delicious. Strawberry onions are available locally from February through April, though with our warm Winter this year’s crop started coming in early. In recent years they have been shipped to the Northeast, and as far as Maine, Ohio and Michigan, so you if you have a great produce source you may be able to find them. For more information on Strawberry Onions visit the Parkesdale Farms website.

Now for today’s recipe. Mom juices every morning and there’s always a couple of cups of veggie pulp left over…Most days it goes out into the flower bed as compost, but today she decided to get creative and see if she could turn that veggie pulp into  a nommy treat for me…

First she juiced up a couple cups of kale, a large carrot, half a small beet, two small apples and a knob of ginger…Here’s what the pulp looked liked…


Next she mixed in two egg, some garlic powder, about 1/2 cup of flour, 1/2 cup of diluted veggie juice and for taste a tablespoon of leftover bacon grease. She put it all in a lightly pan-sprayed baking dish and into a 350* oven. Here’s what the ‘batter’ looked like before baking…


One of the perils of S.O.M.P cooking is that sometimes things go wrong…This time Momz took the pan out of the oven after 35” when the toothpick came out dry…She tried to flip the pan over on the cutting board but then OOOPS the center was not fully cooked (No photos here – Momz is too embarrassed BOL!)   She lifted the cooked part back into the pan, patched it up with the still wet parts and back in the oven it went.  15 minutes later she tried again and this time it was cooked all the way through…She tipped the ‘cake’ out on the board again and cut it into strips that went back into a 250* oven on a cookie sheet to dry out for about an hour.

Here’s where me Gizmo came to help out…Momz cut a few pieces for a taste test…I’m not a big veggie eater and Momz is trying to change that with veggie-based noms…I was not totally sure about this one…I sniffed, sniffed again and gave it a lick…Hmmm, not too awful…Ok I’ll give this one a qualified one paw up…But Momz wasn’t done yet…She melted up a little bit of unsalted butter with some garlic powder and lightly brushed it on top…Yowza…Now we’re talking…My revised vote is an enthusiastic two paws up and I’m sitting pretty for more…


Note from Beth: I know some of you are lucky enough to have dogs that love veggies, but with Gizmo I have to be creative…this recipe was a way for me to sneak some veggies into his diet. The added fat is really minimal, so I won’t feel bad about him having 4 or 5 of these a day as part of his regular meals. They will be stored in the refrigerator.

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Gizmo here and today I want to talk about a few things that perplex me…

My furriend’s mom gave me a package of treats the other day and I was excited cause I love jerky treats. This is a photo of the obverse (*VBP*) of the package. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

When we got home Momz opened the package to give me one and then she stopped. “Yo Momz, give me my treat” I said but Momz was busy reading the back of the package.


Not a great picture I know, but can you read what it says? “Made in China”!  Being concerned pet people I’m sure you’ve all heard of the severe health problems associated with dog treats made in China. Momz did some research and found this list of products that had been recalled and these Duck Jerky treats are not on the list…but still Momz hesitated…there I was eagerly awaiting my piece of duck jerky…I could smell it…but no she didn’t give one. She got my treat jar from the fridge and gave me a couple of my USA made salmon treats instead. Last I saw that duck jerky was headed for the big green trash bin outside.

Now here’s what I’m wondering today…why would the AKC endorse a treat for dogs that could possibly harm them? The back of the package states that “AKC, American Kennel Club and the trademark, logos and designs are trademarks of The American Kennel Club, Inc. Used with permission.” Why? Is the AKC so hard up for funds that they’re willing to possibly endanger the health of the very population they exist to serve? Terrierman has been following the issue of declining AKC registrations for a while now…here in 2010…and as far back as 2008. Already under attack, is this just one more example of the AKC’s increasing irrelevance? Amazon users have been vocal in their comments on these products, but so far they’re still being sold. Momz and I don’t have answers and would love to hear from anyone out there involved in the conformation world with an opinion on this.

Another thing I’ve been thinking about lately is a new online service called  “City Dog Share”. Momz came across this article and when we read it we were disturbed by these statements:

“It allows dog-shoppers to try a pet on for size without the burden of commitment, by giving them a chance to spend quality time with other peoples’ pooches. The Facebook-based service also fills schnauzer-shaped gaps in the lives of humans whose apartments or schedules prohibit full-time furry friends.

And supporters also believe City Dog Share can help shelters and rescue groups find homes for abandoned animals by giving prospective puppy parents the comfort of a free backup care plan if they fear the responsibility that comes with any animal.”

Is this a good thing? I think not…One of the current users of the service had this to say: “In a nation where social media aficionados share homes, cars and futures with total strangers encountered online, why shouldn’t they swap dogs that way too?” What! A dog is a living, breathing, loving companion and not a 2 ton hunk of metal. A dog will be making a commitment to you to share you life and love you unconditionally…if you can’t make that commitment in return then maybe you should adopt a pet rock instead. Again, I’d love to hear opinions on this.

Finally, me Gizmo needs some help from my furriends…Momz got me a new puzzle toy yesterday.

dog flapper toy

She loaded it up with my favorite smelly salmon treats and placed it in front of me. I sniffed at it a while then walked away. It’s sitting on the living room floor and I’m doing my best to ignore it. She has lifted the flaps and showed me the treats and let me sniff them, then she puts them back in the puzzle thing. I don’t get it…I am completely befuddled (*VBP*) What am I supposed to do with this? It doesn’t squeak and I can’t tear it up like a stuffie. Why can’t I just have my treats? If any on you can help me figure this out that’d be great. I want my treats but don’t know how to get them.

Here’s today’s 30/30 Challenge Ticker:

We’re going to join four blog hops today.

First, we’re hopping over to Savannah’s Paw Tracks to join Savannah, Texas and our pal Jetty for their cool new Vocabulary Building Project blog hop.


And we’re joining Snoopy at Snoopy’s Dog Blog for the Monday Mischief hop cause I’m calling mischief on the AKC, the whole idea of “dog sharing” and my puzzle toy.



We have to join Mutt Monday over on All Things Dog cause we mutts need to represent!


Finally, we’re joing Lulu at Life With Beagle for her brand new Florida Bloggers blog hop, cause after all I’m a Florida dawg!


Happy Monday Efurryone…Gizmo Out!

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Frank Lloyd Wright, Geocaching, TV, Lincoln Logs & Dog Houses–Behind the Paw #3

This week in Behind the Paw we’ll connect Frank Lloyd Wright to Geocaching, science fiction TV from the 1990’s, a favorite children’s toy and a very cool dog house.

There are three geocaches on the Florida Southern College campus, all placed by the current Director of the Roux Library.   For the geocachers out there, they are GCJVM6 Southern Travel Bug Hideout, GC33AD A Southern Walking Tour, and GC21N5X seaQuest DSV @ FSC . Gizmo has, of course, found them all by now and will gladly help you find them. Here’s some young cachers at the Southern Travel Bug Hideout.Kids at Southern Travel Bug Hideout

But what’s the 1990’s television connection?  I’m glad you asked. The seaQuest DSV @ FSC geocache page explains:

“Most scenes for two episodes of the television series seaQuest DSV were filmed at Florida Southern College, and both were broadcast during the second season in October 1994. Scenes for Sympathy for the Deep were filmed in the Ordway Building, and much of Playtime was filmed in the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. Both buildings are clearly recognizable in the episodes, although sets and props altered the look of both during filming. Other local scenes were filmed in FSC’s Hindu Garden of Meditation, downtown around Munn Park, and at Joker Marchant Stadium.” (n.b. Joker Marchant is the Spring training home of the Detroit Tigers)

And a favorite children’s toy? This tip was passed along by Gizmo’s friend Sparky Glover and her Mom Terisa from The General Store in Lakeland, FL. That toy would be Lincoln Logs, invented by John Lloyd Wright, son of Frank Lloyd Wright.

From the website :

“Lincoln Logs were first produced in 1916 by John Lloyd Wright. Records show that the J. L. Wright Company of Chicago, Illinois, obtained its patent for the design on August 31, 1920 and had the Lincoln Logs name registered on August 28, 1923. Building logs of similar designs had been produced by several other toy companies since the civil war but John L. Wright’s version was very successful from the beginning and has remained so to this day.”

This is the  Imperial Hotel– John got the idea for Lincoln Logs by observing his father build this beautiful building.


So what about that dog house? Jan from The Poodle (and dog) Blog first told me about this. In 1950, Frank Lloyd Wright designed a home in San Anselmo, CA for the family of young Jim Berger. Six years later, in June of 1956, Jim thought it would be nice if his black Lab Eddie had an FLW house too, so he wrote to the architect. The architect wrote back stating he was too busy, but that Jim should contact him again in November. Jim did just that, and the Wright followed through with a design for “Eddie’s House” in 1957.  Photos of the original letters in this exchange can be seen here Please Design Me a Doghouse.

It took a while, but Jim’s dad eventually finished Eddie’s doghouse in 1963. Sources differ on who the house was built for…some say Eddie, and some say that Eddie had passed on by then and it was built for a different dog. All agree  that the doghouse leaked and that no one  liked it very much.  It was  never used and was dismantled only 10 years after it was built.

In 2011 Jim Berger rebuilt “Eddie’s House” from the original plans and it was used in the documentary film “Romanza” a study of Wright’s designs in California which premiered in October 2012.

Bringing the story full circle, Romanza’s director Michael Miner in 2008 released a documentary entitled “A Child of the Sun: The West Campus of Florida Southern College” . Clips of that film can be seen on Miner’s website Designed By Frank Lloyd .

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OMD was I excited when I got this email the other day:

Dearest @gizmogeodog!

Brace yourself, this is official communication from your one and only elected Purrime Ministerettes of Planet Purrth, Shiva and Jaya!

We are here to concattulate you because you have won #pmcontest! Standing O for you!

Yes, this scruffy terrier was the lucky winner of the official Purrime Ministerette high-res wallpaper … pawtographed and all.

Not only that, but I had the distinct honor of a major shout out on the Prime Ministerettes blog…I was all happy ears & wagging tail that day.

Here’s our prize


And here’s what it looks like on Momz ‘puter…she really needs to clean up that desktop

PMsPurrfectDesktopIf you haven’t yet visited with Shiva and Jaya at #10 Downing Street, you really should…they’re very gracious hostesses and will even show you their baby pictures if you ask…You can find them on twitter @ShivaandJaya and watch their award-winning videos on YouTube.

I also got a kewl award from my sweet friend Misaki who’s made me a very happy dawg by agreeing to be my date for Mollie & Ranger’s Valentine’s Day Ball (there’s a link for that in the sidebar).


Here’s the  rules  for this award…

1) Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you…check!

2) Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back to them…check!

3) Answer 5 simple questions….

1) If you could change one thing, what would you change?

More walks for me, less working for Momz!

2) If you could repeat an age, what would it be? any year?

Two years ago Momz wasn’t working as much and we got to travel a lot and have many adventures…but this year Momz is working at home so I get to be with her all the time…it’s a tough choice, but I’ll take this year when we’re always together

3) What is one thing that really scares you?

I’m not really afraid of anything but when we’re in a crowd of people I do worry about getting stepped on…Hoomins can be very inconsiderate about invading my personal space

4) What is one dream you have not completed, and do you think you’ll be able to complete it?

I do want to meet some of my blog and twitter pals and I’m going to doing that in February when I go visit my pal Oz the Terrier…and I hope to meet a lot more at Barkworld in Atlanta in August 2013…My other dream is for Momz and me to go to the Blogpaws conference this year, but right now that doesn’t look possible…so I’ve got my paws crossed for Blogpaws 2014

5) If you could be someone else for one day, who would it be?

I would be a dawg with the ability to fly so Momz & I could visit our many pals all over the Blogosphere

4) Display the award on your blog somewhere…it’s on my Awards page now…check!

5) Nominate up to 20 blogs for the award and notify each of them…

We’re nominating 5 blogs today…I’m hoping that there might be one that’s new to you that’ll become a favorite…

A Florida Journal

Ruger’s Crew

That Dog Dancing Guy

Shiva & Jaya

The Great & Powerful Oz the Terrier

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SHOW OFF YOUR DOG’S WAIST–Almost Wordless Wednesday


Momz gave me a bath today for a reason…not that I forgive her, but at least I know why…There’s a year-long campaign going on over at the Dawg Business blog to Show Off Your Dog’s Waist. I keep trim by daily walks, weekend hikes and having Momz  measure my food and limit my treats…I think she’ doing a great job of it, cause I’m looking pretty buff if I say so myself…



The idea behind this is to remind everyone that overweight dogs are not cute…they’re at risk for developing serious health problems, including cancer. Jana’s blog post has lots of good information and links on combatting dog obesity. I urge you to visit there, join the campaign and display the badge on your blog this year.


Today’s 30/30 ticker:


BLOGPAWS is our host for the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop



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SAVE OUR HOMELESS PETS–Blog the Change 1/15/2013

What can one scruffy terrier pup do to help out homeless pets?


How about inspire his geocaching community, be a spokesdog for rescue, and raise needed cash for Save Our Homeless Pets, a volunteer group that serves at the shelter from which he was adopted? So how did Gizmo do all that?

In the Summer of 2010 he convinced me to donate a one-of-kind geocaching collectible and organize a raffle.  He was a motivated dog and convinced other geopups to help out. 


He contacted all his geocaching pals convince them to donate their signature collectible coins to his raffle. Over 20 of his pals said yes.  Some donated hand made jewelry,  custom caches  and geocaching themed window clings. He  attended geocaching events where he tirelessly sold raffle tickets and then organized a street party  to sell the donated items and push those raffle tickets. The street party was also an opportunity for the community to contribute needed items from the Save Our Homeless Pets Wishlist. And he started his first Facebook page back then to keep everyone up to date on the progress of the fundraiser.


Save Our Homeless Pets assists in finding homes for many of the cats and dogs taken in by Polk County Animal Control, a division of our Sheriff’s Department. The group also uses its funds to improve the lives of the animals waiting at the shelter, providing such comfort as possible by donating beds to keep them off the cold damp concrete and toys to occupy the endless hours.  The group, founded in 2007 by the super-dedicated Lisa Moehring, depends entirely on the work of volunteers and the funding by donations. You can keep up with the daily happenings at Save Our Homeless Pets on Facebook.

I’m proud to say that Gizmo raised just over $500.00 for Save Our  Homeless Pets. Here he is with Lisa Moehring right after he presented her with the check.


Gizmo and I have  started to collect items from the Save Our Homeless Pets wishlist and  will be making quarterly donations this year. We  believe that local rescues groups deserve our support and that change begins at home.

Today is the first quarterly Blog the Change Day of 2013, a day where pet bloggers unite to  write about causes near and dear to their  hearts, to raise awareness for issues impacting pets and their welfare, and to support and inspire the involvement of others in the rescue movement on a local basis. Visit to join the Blog the Change movement and read what others are doing today to Be the Change.

Today’s 30/30 Challenge ticker:



And we hope it’s OK with our hosts  Sugar and Kol  that we still  join in the Tasty Tuesday blog hop today…It’s one of our faves and we’d hate to miss a week…We promise next Tuesday we’ll have a great new recipe  to share…

tasty tuesdays

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The Florida Southern College campus is the world’s largest one-site collection of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. Gizmo & I are lucky enough to live next door to this gem and today Gizmo’s going to take you on a tour of his favorite neighborhood place to walk. Gizmo’s done such a great job as a tour guide I decided to give him a soundtrack…

“So Long Frank Lloyd Wright”

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21








Can’t forget our 30/30 Ticker: 14

Thanks to All Things Dog for hosting the Mutt Monday blog hop…


And while this is not strictly a post about mischief, we’re joining our pal Snoopy’s Monday Mischief blog hop


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